Our Vision

Core Value



We will become

1. The employee works for fun, pride, profit of individual, the company values indentity and happiness of employees

2. We pursue to be simple and perfect for all things

3. We are Innovative, persistent, trustworthy, friendly, smart and brave

1. Providing the differentiated product with enhancing yield and convenience to the world

2. To be a smart company wehre wnats to work together from customer's point of view

3. To be the model of the most hapiness for employees


1. We will Achieve $100M sales by Y2025

2. We will be the equipment provide which manufatures the best semiconductor chiller & freeze dryer

1. The world's leading company in the freeze dryer & semiconductor market

2. The globalized company establishing a research center at Silicon valley

3. The company which can be called 'Solardin pride' for the great pride

4. The company which is to be the answer of which is a great company

경기도 용인시 수지구 신수로 767 분당 수지 U-Tower A동 1014호 

TEL  070.4281.0149  / FAX 0507.0323.4901